Our goal is to build the world’s biggest library of business tips

Below provides information on how you can support SMEtv with this goal while you’re on a shoot, plus give BIG clients a value-add by featuring them on SMEtv


The video below is a good example of a Bizbite – more details below


What’s a Bizbite?

A Bizbite is a short 30-60 second video where the business owner/manager delivers just one or two key learning’s or insights that could help the viewer with their business. We call those learning’s or insights “Gold Nuggets” of information, which are delivered in a “snackable” content form. Check our Bizbites page to see some examples.

  • A Bizbite is 30-60 seconds long
  • We always find that most business people have two to three Bizbites they can share
  • Use of key points within the Bizbite to achieve the “Gold Nugget”
  • It can be industry specific, thought leadership or a business tip
  • The opening line is simple “Hi, I’m (first name) for Bizbites”
  • Example: “Hi, I’m Nigel for Bizbites and today I am going give you three reasons why you should be using YouTube”

How long does it take?

  • If they are well prepared, it will take about 5-10 minutes to film three Bizbites or 2 minutes for one
  • If they can only deliver one, then that’s fine


  • Looking straight down the barrel of the camera
  • Make it punchy and get them to use facial expression – want to draw the viewer in
  • Look for a background that typifies their business – some eye candy, if not then a plain background that highlights what they are wearing
  • Ideally the frame should be waist to shoulder up

Post Production and Delivery

  • We require what you feel was the best of what you shot, if there was only 1 of 3 that worked, then that’s fine
  • Please dump the footage file here: https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/BizbitesforBig
  • We will edit to a final segment
  • Turnaround should be no more than a week and it will be featured on SMEtv and under Bizbites

Thanks for your support….