SMEtv wants you to share your knowledge Рso bring your Bizbites

What’s a Bizbite and how do I prepare?

A Bizbite is a short 30-90 second video where you deliver just one or two key learnings or insights that could help the viewer with their business. We call those learnings or insights “Gold Nuggets” of information, which are delivered in a “snackable” content form. Check our Bizbites page

  • We always find that most business people have two to three Bizbites they can share
  • A Bizbite is 30-90 seconds long
  • Use key points within the Bizbite to achieve the “Gold Nugget”
  • It can be industry specific
  • The opening line is simple “Hi, I’m (first name) for Bizbites”
  • Example: “Hi, I’m Nigel for Bizbites and today I am going give you three reasons why you should be using YouTube”

How long does it take?

  • If you are well prepared, it will take about 5-10 minutes to film three Bizbites

What if I haven’t been in front of the camera before?

  • Not a problem, our staff will guide you through the process
  • It’s not that different to having a conversation with someone, the camera is the “other person”
  • We recommend you practice in front of the mirror and deliver it to others

Why should I participate?

  • How often do you get to produce business videos for free
  • Demonstrate via the most in-demand medium that you are a specialist, expert or thought leader
  • Opportunity to promote your business, we will put a link at the end of the video to your business website

Where will the video be hosted and can I share it?

  • We will host the video and showcase it on our Bizbites feature page at
  • You will be able to easily share the video and embed into your site or social channels
  • After filming, your videos should be up on the site within a few days

When and where are we doing this?

  • Let us know when you are free
  • Our SMEtv studio is at 89 Jones St, Ultimo
  • At this stage we can only run this at our Sydney studio, but we may end up in your city soon

Who is it for?

  • It’s for SMEs and if you know another person involved with SMEs, invite them along if they have something to share